Monday, May 23, 2016

Oasis in Towson; upcoming in Boston

My father and I enjoyed visiting with patrons of the Barnes & Noble in Towson, Maryland on Saturday, May 21, 1-3 PM. I was there to sign copies of my book, Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legends, and in the process we had some interesting conversations and made some new friends... and sold a dozen books... more will be sold in coming days, given display in store and on social media, e.g., Instagram... all in all a rewarding and fun experience... NEXT UP: Boston on Sunday, June 5, 3 PM, at the Barnes & Noble Prudential Center. Here's the official notice as well as Facebook post.  Also, I will be appearing on Boston Herald Drive on Friday, June 3 at 6:45 AM talking about book series and plugging event.

Oasis, a great summer read, matches Barnes & Noble summer tote, shown in background!

My father and I took turns taking photos, while we were waiting for customers... next time, we'll have to bring our photographer along!

My 90 year old father... 

... and I waiting patiently for more customers to stop by...  

... and below, a photo posted on Instagram by Barnes & Noble Towson...

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