Monday, October 12, 2015

Oasis in Washington

Wonderful book signing at Lord & Taylor on Sunday, October 11, 2015 for Oasis: Conversion Stories of Hollywood Legendsas summarized by below photo montage.
With my father... 

Being introduced by Patrice Vailes-Macarie, who hosted this special event...
Credit: Laurent Macarie

... and three more photos by Laurent Macarie of me, Mary Claire Kendall, making remarks and answering questions... 

... and, Patrice Vailes-Macarie's closing remarks...  
Signing a copy of "Oasis" for Ceil Malphus
Credit: Laurent Macarie (both photos above)
Diana Cloutier buying "Oasis" for Christmas presents
Credit: Laurent Macarie

Signing one more copy for Diana...
view from above, showing remarks, flyer, etc!
Credit: Laurent Macarie
Books and more books...
Credit: Laurent Macarie

With Diana Cloutier
Credit: Jackie Apel

With Pedro Tundo who serves at all the embassies,
on hand at Sunday's event, serving with great style and grace
Credit: Jackie Apel

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